Ladies Rock!

There is now a beautiful collection of reflections, images and video about Girls Rock! and Ladies Rock! UK. I helped organise and run Ladies Rock! (exclamation mark because we mean business) in 2007. We supported 30 campers to learn to play an instrument, form a band, write a song and play a gig in the space of a weekend. It was a fabulous, exciting and challenging in equal measure.

This first of five videos by Laura Kidd captures some of the excitement and chaos and features a much younger me, in which I look and sound a lot like my brother.

I took so much away from that weekend but things that stick out are:

  • hearing all the amazing bands
  • that when planning events you need to build in time for people to relax as well as run around a large building making lots of noise
  • teaching bass even though I’ve never really played it
  • that sometimes people just need someone to give them instructions and that I shouldn’t have worried so much about whether that was consistent with being all egalitarian and a collective like
  • I wish we had called it something more inclusive than Ladies Rock!

And most of all, that I am so proud and happy to have played a role in helping people go from being scared of their new instruments to rocking out in just a couple of days.

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