Rebecca Industries weeknote #2

Less to report this week but still good progress. Not a day goes by without an exciting potential project or collaboration coming up.  I can’t wait until one of these is formalised and I can tell you about it here.

I’ve been thinking about things I will miss and things I won’t miss from Civil Service life, because I’ve been doing parts of my job for what will be the last time. I will miss meetings with Ministers. l think I had my last one in my current role this week, though there may be surprise meetings in the next few weeks. I like them because they prompt you to consider progress on your work, what the right next steps are, and explain this clearly and succinctly to a person who does not have their head buried in the detail.

I won’t miss formatting the submissions (briefing documents) though. Bane of my life. Or writing last minute briefing. All I can say here on that is, when you’ve been asked to explain something quite complicated in bullets with a 5 minute deadline, it’s really handy to have a blog post that already does it. Perhaps another example of how digital tools and ways of working can help with core policy/governmenty stuff.

Lastly, I’ve been amazed by how many civil servants are coming to me to talk about the practicalities of going solo, and how they have wanted to for years but never quite taken the plunge. Perhaps public servants are a more entrepreneurial bunch that you would believe (or perhaps not, as the ones I’ve been talking to are still dutifully employed by the Crown!).

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