Rebecca Industries weeknote #3

My evenings this week have mainly been spent considering the building blocks of Rebecca Industries (getting recommendations for an accountant, figuring out how to set up a company, thinking about my *ahem* web estate). I know how to party, right?

I’ve settled on Rebecca Industries as the actual name for the company, because

  • This is personal for me – it’s a new way of articulating work and life
  • People will hire me personally, not a team or company
  • I absolutely don’t want to do that thing where consultants give themselves a crap brand name, pretend it’s not just them, and write on their website in the plural about ‘our 20 years of strategic experience’. That’s just nasty
  • It’s kind of funny
  • But when I say it as a joke, people say, ‘you should totally call it that!’
  • Jesamy get away with a cute name, so why can’t I?
  • I don’t have ambitions to take on employees, and this will provide the discipline to make sure I don’t do that (or, it will make sure I only hire people called Rebecca, and there aren’t THAT many of us)

In my real job at GDS, a couple of great non-profit organisations visited my team to learn about how we work. I’ve really enjoyed talking with them about what we do and why, discuss it, and find out afterwards that they are going to try some agile stuff and see what works for them. And it has been brilliant for me to talk about how they operate and learn from cool people at a similar level to me about their working lives and management styles. I really want to keep doing things like this in Rebecca Industries.

In other news, the magnificent Jenny Wilson (currently without her own website, she clearly needs the services of Rebecca Industries), has put out a new song. Her music has been the soundtrack to my working life, so feels portentous that a new album is being unleashed at the same time as Rebecca Industries.

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