Rebecca Industries weeknote #6

Lots to report! Job title, first project, first collaborators.

I just got back from a week in New York and Providence, Rhode Island, visiting wonderful friends and attending a beautiful wedding (hence no note last week). My UK friends helped me come to the conclusion that Rebecca Industries was the right name for my company. My US friends helped me with my job title – Rebecca-at-large. So now I have a company and a job title. Thanks for the support ladies!

I do also do things that don’t involve the word Rebecca though, like…

This week I started my first project. I’m working part-time with Public Health England to develop their digital strategy, rationalise their web estate (150 sites!) and design their future digital capability. I’m grateful for how welcome they have made me. I’ll be writing more about what we get up to here.

Last but not least I have my first collaborators. I’m delighted to be an associate of DSRPTN, a merry band of awesome digital people. Can’t wait to cook up some schemes together!

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