Rebecca Industries Weeknote #10

10 weeks since I started project Rebecca Industries. Actually longer because my week notes have not been weekly. Time flies when you’re having fun!

This week at Public Health England (PHE), with colleagues, I have:

  • done an initial user needs workshop for PHE’s health protection content, with the Government Digital Service (GDS)
  • made a mini-breakthrough on our digital strategy with Jonathan Marron, PHE’s director of strategy
  • gratefully received help from GDS on recruitment and agile coaching
  • got to know the NHS Choices team better and taken on the next steps to get the first round of PHE’s content on there
  • made the budget request for more digital people and funding next year – fingers crossed!
  • filled in a lot of forms to start recruiting PHE a permanent deputy director for digital

This week in Rebecca Industries I have:

  • had an amazing planning meeting with my DSRPTN collaborators – what inspiring people!
  • made us a DSRPTN Trello, because without a Trello for a project, I am nothing

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