Rebecca Industries Weeknote -> Monthnote #13

I’m going to do monthnotes not weeknotes. There aren’t enough things that happen in a week that I can talk about publicly here, but there are in a month!

In January, with colleagues at Public Health England, I

  • got our digital plans signed off in full by the National Executive (board). This is a huge milestone and I’m so happy that, in the words of our Chief Executive Duncan Selbie, ‘the public health system is going digital’
  • gave a talk to the Department of Health about working in an agile way
  • helped a bit on a user research project that the digital team is doing
  • did a lot of work on getting the right people in the right places, doing the right things. This is now having results!
  • starting to understand better the opportunities for digital in public health interventions and population health, through which I’ve been fortunate enough to learn about lots of interesting projects and products across the health system

And in Rebecca Industries I

  • took part in the first DSRPTN event at the British Computing Society, which was about leadership in the 21st Century. It was great to share the stage with fabulous fellow digital consultant types, and to have an interesting conversation with people from many different backgrounds
  • had some great meetings about potential future projects in the private sector, the public sector and charities (fingers crossed!)
  • started a roving campaign of squatting in other people’s offices on Friday, my Rebecca Industries day. Last week, techUK. This week, GDS. Next week, who knows! I’ll reveal all in my February monthnote.

Public Health England needs a digital programme manager

We are looking for a digital project manager at Public Health England (PHE). The job description is quite wordy so here are the things you need to know. It’s called a programme manager on the job description but you can also think of it as a project manager role. We are building a mini-GDS and this person will be central to getting this off the ground.

We need to find out what our users need and deliver it. We currently have 150 websites. We need to get the right content on GOV.UK and NHS Choices and send the rest to The National Archives. The digital programme manager will make this happen.

We expect the person doing this role to spend most of their time on website transition, but there will be other project opportunities too. The postholder will work closely with the Government Digital Service, PHE’s digital team and colleagues across PHE.

The closing date is Wednesday 29th January. It is open to everyone.

I can answer questions on Twitter @rebkemp.

Rebecca Industries weeknote #12 – this one’s a monthnote, oops

I haven’t been very good at keeping up with my weeknotes. Here’s what happened between the last one and the end of the year.

At Public Health England (PHE) we were racing to deliver the things I wanted to get done before Christmas. I’m very happy to say that we delivered

  • a prototype digital strategy
  • our first go at user needs for the first website we plan to transition to GOV.UK
  • strong relationships with the organisations we work most closely with on digital
  • approvals from within PHE and the Department of Health to get the extra, temporary support we need
  • millions of forms to recruit a permanent deputy director of digital, and get extra people into the digital team
  • budgets and business plans
  • three sessions at a conference to figure out how PHE can best work with public health academics
  • a session for colleagues across PHE about using agile and scrum outside digital development

The things we missed by the skin of our teeth were approvals from bodies who will remain nameless for us to get in the people and services we need. We should have them by the end of the month – but I’m really hoping it’s sooner, so we can get on as quickly as possible.

Then I went up to Yorkshire for a rest. Then I came back to London, for another rest.

Now I’m going to get back into the swing of proper weeknotes, promise.