Rebecca Industries monthnote #14

At Public Health England (PHE) in February we

  • started transitioning our first 15 sites to GOV.UK and NHS Choices
  • put to bed 2 potential new websites
  • did A LOT of relationship building inside and outside PHE
  • worked with the Government Digital Service to get a shortlist of candidates to be the permanent deputy director for digital (that’s the job I’m currently doing on an interim basis)
  • welcomed two amazing new people to the team, Dean Hanley and Kirsty Fleming
  • started to talk more about PHE’s work in digital. I spoke at the NHS Health and Care Innovation Expo, our Chief Executive and Chief Knowledge Officer talked to e-health insider about our ambition, and colleagues won an IXDA award for Longer Lives

And in Rebecca Industries I

  • made good progress with a couple of new projects, which should bear fruit in the next couple of months
  • got some business cards. Only took me 4 months

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