Rebecca Industries Monthnote #15

In March at Public Health England (PHE) we:

  • welcomed two new starters into the team, Wolfgang Wiedner, who joined us from Amazon to be programme manager for moving our websites to GOV.UK and NHS Choices, and David Madden, who joined us from the BBC to be product manager for Longer Lives. They are whipping us into shape!
  • started working with NHS Choices on the first health content for citizens that we are transitioning to them from our websites
  • planned and wrote content for some of the 15 sites we are transitioning to GOV.UK by July
  • increased our communications to colleagues in PHE about how we will be working with them and just what exactly this ‘user needs’ business is all about
  • put out a request for proposals to work with us to develop a digital strategy, using the Digital Services Store. Big thanks to Paul Wieser and his team at the Crown Commercial Service for all their help with this
  • did lots of work with finance and HR so we have the people and money we need

In Rebecca Industries I didn’t do much, I just worked at PHE and wrote this note. Naughty me.

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