Rebecca Industries Monthnote April 2014

I’ve re-titled these month notes because the numbers made no sense after switching from weeknotes to monthnotes.

At Public Health England, the team put 6 advisory committees onto GOV.UK

We are on track to move 15 sites by our deadline of the end of July. As part of this project, we have decided what work we are going to make lower priority, and we are starting this new way of working soon.

We received and reviewed some proposals for our digital strategy work, through the Digital Services Store. We are going to decide the preferred supplier next week.

I changed how I use my time, because we have lots of things to do and there is no time for extra talking! I now only take meetings if they are to do tangible work with people. This has made a big difference to my working life and I may never go back.

And as ever, I did lots of work with finance and HR so we have the people and money we need.

In Rebecca Industries news, I started work on my second project, which is working with a large IT company. Together, we are figuring out how to approach the digital market in government. After 5 years in the public sector, I’m very pleased to be doing some private sector work again.




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