Collaborating and persuading to do digital transformation

I wrote a couple of posts for the Department of Health Digital Health blog about some of the work we are doing at Public Health England as part of our move to GOV.UK and NHS Choices.

One is about how we chose which of our 150 websites to transition first, based on user need and organisational priority. The other is about some of the things we do to get the rest of the organisation working with us to make this change. They sit nicely with Sarah Richard’s great post about convincing your organisation about usability.

These posts are about the collaboration and persuasion that is part of doing digital transformation. This work requires energy, tenacity and determination. It requires willingness to understand the organisation you are working in, its priorities, how it works, and the perspectives of people you are working with who might question what you’re doing.

In my experience this is often the hardest work of digital transformation, and often the most important to making lasting change.

Monthnote July 2014

July was all about the work of the Public Health England content team, who have been working their socks off to get our priority health protection content from the Health Protection Agency website to GOV.UK. I’ve been doing my usual stuff, which you can extrapolate from my previous monthnotes, but for this month let’s focus on the content.

There’s one place for all health protection content. Much of the content is there already and we will be adding the less-used, tail content over the next few months.

Health protection

You can browse infectious disease information.

Infectious diseases


And you can see all the information about individual diseases, for example ebola, together in collection pages.