Monthnote October 2014

October has been an excellent month, and not only because I spent the first half of it on holiday. I went to New York and San Francisco. It was wonderful.

The view from our apartment in New York
The view from our apartment in New York

In San Francisco I gave a talk at Code for America, and met some people from 18F, both of which were brilliant experiences. I’ll write more about this separately.

When I got back, it transpired that the members of Sleater-Kinney, creators of the Official Rebecca Industries Corporate Song, have reunited. This is the best thing that’s happened since 2006, when they went on indefinite hiatus.

Back at work, I’m carrying on at the un-named big IT company. My work there has focused on central government until this point, so this month my colleagues and I started work on what they are doing, and what they can do, in health and local government.

I’m going to be doing some coaching on Healthbox‘s Health Social Innovators accelerator programme for social health ventures, which launched last week. I’m going to be helping the companies that want to work with the public sector. I’m not exactly sure what this will involve yet, because it’s going to be driven by the needs of the ventures on the programme, but I’m looking forward to finding out.

I’m also on the hunt for more work. This is the first time it’s happened and I’m finding that it makes me less stressed than I thought it would. The aforementioned holiday is probably helping with this. It makes me feel motivated and enthusiastic for the future. A good way to feel.

It’s also give me time to catch up on Rebecca Industries admin, of which there is a lot. But the less said about that, the better.

Monthnote September 2014

I’m writing this quite a while after the end of September. Ooops. My memories are vague, but through the four-week fog I remember spending many hours behind this door.

PHE door

At Public Health England (PHE), home of the door, September was a month in which lots of things came to fruition. We wrapped up the consultation period for changes to the team structure and roles. I reviewed the work Scott Turton, Nathan Flowers and Victoria O’Callaghan of SapientNitro had done with us on a digital strategy, and found it very good. The team worked on the ‘tail’ content from our transition of health protection content to GOV.UK, and diligently dealt with queries and suggestions from users.

September was my last month at PHE. I’ve handed the role over to Diarmaid Crean, who is now fully installed as their permanent Deputy Director for Digital. They are in very safe hands, and I can’t wait to see where Diarmaid and the team take it next!

At the anonymous IT company, my colleagues and I switched from making the case for being more digital, to figuring out how to get going. We’re basically setting up a start-up within the larger company, building on work some pioneering colleagues have been doing over the past few months. Fun!